How Overcome Loneliness : How to stop feeling lonely and depressed

How overcome loneliness

How to deal with loneliness : In 2003, while watching TV sitting on a couch in a rented flat in London, a 38-year-old woman, Joyce Vincent, suddenly died of an asthma attack. After her death, the house rent was automatically deducted from her bank balance for several months. But after a few months, when all the money in the bank was exhausted, the landlord started issuing notices in her name for not paying the rent. After receiving no response to those notices, due to non-payment of rent for nearly two years, the landlord finally took legal action against her for evictioning her from the house in January 2006, almost two years after her death. 

How Overcome Loneliness
How Overcome Loneliness

When the police reached this to evict her from the house, they noticed that there was a terrible smell coming from outside the door of her flat. They broke open the door of the flat and saw Joyce Vincent’s body on the sofa was completely decomposed, only her skeleton was lying on the couch, and the TV was still on . On enquiry, the neighbours stated that they thought that the dustbin kept next to their flat must be smelling. And since the building was noisy all the time, no one paid much attention to the sound of the TV playing. Most importantly, in these two years not a single person came looking for Joyce Vincent. The extent to which loneliness is reaching in our society is evident from many incidents like Joyce Vincent’s, which are happening frequently these days.(how overcome loneliness story)

How overcome loneliness practical solution finding 

So if you are also struggling with the problem of loneliness and do not even in your dreams want something to happen with you like Joyce Vincent, then read carefully till the end. And implement the smart ideas mentioned in this article, in your life with priority. 

how overcome loneliness idea 1:

Adopt a pet Maybe something has happened to you that makes you no longer trust anyone. Or all seem selfish to you. That’s why you are suffering from loneliness. In such a situation, adopting a pet can be the best way to overcome your loneliness. Because only humans have the ability to deceive. Research found that people who adopted a pet felt 36% less lonely than those who did not adopt a pet. Smart idea 

How overcome loneliness idea 2:

Volunteer in what you believe in If you suddenly go to Facebook or Instagram to become friends with a stranger, thinking that they will help you overcome loneliness. Then the chances of you getting disappointed are very high. Because there will be an issue of trust in such a situation, also many times the mentality mismatch. Instead, if you have a cause you believe in, such as the save soil movement, you can volunteer to connect with people who are working to make that cause a success. Chances are you will find many like-minded people just like you in one place. Because they also believe in what you believe.\

How overcome loneliness idea 3:

Engage in your favourite sport It is a fact that most friendships in the world are created on the playground. Because when we participate in some enjoyable activity with others, we easily make friends with them. But as we grow up we tend to say goodbye to the playground. As a result, the chances of forming new deep friendships are also reduced. So if you are feeling lonely, bring back your childhood. If you don’t have free space to play around your house, join a paid membership. It can be swimming or joining any indoor game or yoga classes. Whatever you do, make your favourite sport or activity a part of your daily life. You will see that loneliness will not even touch you. 

How overcome loneliness idea 4:

Start a hobby If you can’t trust a human anymore, you don’t like messing with animals and birds, volunteering seems to you one kind of hypocrisy, and you don’t like any sport since childhood, in that case, your last option to overcome your loneliness is to start a hobby. That could be gardening, or playing a musical instrument like the guitar or violin, or even reading books. In other words, you can overcome your loneliness by doing some work for your partner. Always remember, “It’s good to be alone. But loneliness is never good.” So let’s finally take a look at all the smart ideas in one place, 

How overcome loneliness Summary :

how deal with loneliness : 

  1. Adopt a pet 
  2. Volunteer in what you believe in 
  3. Engage in your favourite sport 
  4. Start a hobby 

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