How To Control Emotions And Feelings Easy Steps to Control Your Emotions

How to control emotions : you idiot, are you blind maybe you were innocent but still someone screamed at you and from that moment for the rest of the day your mood went off.  If you get hurt so badly by just one word of someone then it is time for you to invest some time and energy to get control over your emotions. if you scream at your boss you could lose your job or in frustration if you say something wrong or do something wrong with your partner your relationship could also end. So not only social life but also one’s personal and professional life success is also dependent on his control over his emotions. It is said that when you are feeling emotional it is better to not to make any decision because in 80% cases the decisions taken emotionally became wrong. (how to control emotions and feelings)

How To Control Emotions
How To Control Emotions

There is a scientific explanation that our brain can be divided into two parts, one is the emotional system and the other one is a rational system. It is first sent to the best part of our brain whatever we sense through our five senses then it reaches to our limbic brain which mainly deals with our emotions any signal can enter into our rational system only after it passes through our emotional system. When we start to feel emotional our emotional system becomes more active and the rational system gets hijacked by it as a result in this condition we become unable to process any logic in our brain and illogically the decisions we make for 80 percent cases turn out to be wrong. (how to control emotions)

The thing that connects our emotional system and our rational system is called our emotional intelligence. That simply means the ability to understand wounds and someone else’s emotions even though it has been found from different researches that once success in life depends only 20% on his IQ whereas the remaining 80% depends on his EQ and IQ becomes fixed for everyone. after a certain age but EQ can be increased by anyone at any age by doing some simple practices.

So let’s talk about those practices smart. 

How to control your emotions in a relationship

Idea How To Control Emotions Number One :

Ask yourself why after a whole day at college a guy came back to his home and as usual sat down with his laptop suddenly his mother shouted at him don’t you have anything to study why there is never a book in your and already he was tired plus his mother shouting at him made him instantly angry because after spending a whole day at college it was totally unexpected to him. So basically whenever something unexpected happens with us our emotional system starts to hijack a rational system so if we want to fix this problem then we have to train ourselves to see the big picture in every situation and to be able to see the big picture in every situation the question that we need to ask is why ? Why ? Mom shouted like that today, maybe even before he came back from college there was some issue going on in which his mother said she was disturbed. At that time whenever we start to think about only ourselves we start to become more emotional if we try to observe a situation from someone else’s point of view then forcefully. We have to make use of our rational system and that helps us to dominate our emotions so next time when you realize that you are getting emotional just take a three-second pause and ask yourself the question. Why ? (how to control emotions)

How to control emotions and feelings smart idea 

Smart Idea How To Control Emotions number two : 

clean up your sleeve hygiene you some toxic proteins start to gather over our neurons when we are awake which hindered the communication between different neurons then when we fall asleep this toxic proteins get removed periodically. in different stages of our sleep cycle this is why we start to feel tired and groggy due to lack of sleep. which ultimately decreases our willpower and our self-control ability so to remove these toxic proteins periodically. We need to sleep well but some of our bad habits affect our sleep hygiene. One of them is wringing alcohol or taking sleeping pills to fall asleep. By doing these things some important stages of our sleep cycle get missed. As a result even after sleeping for six to eight hours the toxic proteins are not removed properly so after waking up we still feel tired and groggy. Also artificial blue lights harm our sleep cycle by stopping the production of melanin in our body. (How To Control Emotions) 

How to control your emotions in the moment

Smart Idea Number Three : 

Replaced the card. suppose you are going to give a presentation before hundreds of people. Now you have two options to think number one negative thinking if you start to think something like oh god. What will happen if nobody likes my presentation but if everyone gets bored or what if someone makes fun of me. the moment you start to think about all this nonsense your brain will start to secrete stress hormones like cortisol adrenaline and this will generate negative emotions like fear, anger inside you or the second option positive thinking. If you start to visualize something like that you are giving your presentation very confidently and everyone is also listening to it enjoying Lee and at the end of the presentation you are getting a standing ovation from your audience. then your brain will start to secrete feel-good hormones like oxytocin dopamine. that will make your emotions sweet every motion is triggered by some thoughts if you don’t believe it you can. (how to control emotions)

how to control emotions and feelings Exercise

Try it just now for the next 10 seconds.

  • Don’t think about anything.
  • don’t say any word in your mind.
  • see if there is any motion generating in you now try to recall the happiest day in your lives.
  • What are the things you have done? on that day where he went on that day.
  • Try to think about all those things.
  • Now see if there is any motion generating in you so thought is the root of any emotion and in every situation.
  • we have two choices. To see the positive side of a situation and generate positive thoughts inside us or to see the negative side of every situation and generate negative thoughts inside us whichever kind of thought.
  • You will choose according to that you will get results. emotion but there is a third option that is choosing no thought at all but that is more difficult compared to the other two options. so it is not possible for everyone. 

How to control emotions and feelings Summary

So if you really want to get control over your emotions first you have to get control over your thoughts and that is only possible when you will be able to choose your thoughts consciously in every situation. That means when you will stop choosing your thoughts in an autopilot mode like a robot and the question that will help you to get out of this autopilot mode is why ? I have learned these things from the book emotional intelligence 2.0 by Travis bad berry. last a little request to you if you find this Article helpful then please share it with your friends because by sharing you can also help to change someone’s life. In this way we cover the topic How to control emotions.

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