How To Increase Intelligence & how to make your brain smarter and faster

How To Increase Intelligence & become Smart

What makes a person more intelligent than others? Is it his IQ? His knowledge? Or is it some kind of other super power? A person is said to be truly intelligent, when not only he understands well, but also he acts well, there is a student who has a great IQ, he understands very well, but he does not practice his studies at all, he is always busy playing Pubg & watching game of thrones, will you call this kind of student truly intelligent? 

How To Increase Intelligence
How To Increase Intelligence

So intelligence is not dependent on IQ. Then is it dependent on knowledge? There is a saint who has studied the entire bible more than 10 times, and he could tell you easily which page a particular line belongs to. But when it comes to reality he is attached with name fame & money, will you call this saint an intelligent person? So intelligence is also not dependent on knowledge. Then what it is? 

What is intelligence & how to increase intelligence

What is that super power that makes a person more intelligent than others? The answer is already given by one of the most intelligent people in human history, Sir Albert Einstein, once he said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problems longer”. The super power is questioning. Since from our childhood we have been programmed to do competition & comparison, competition between brothers & sisters, comparison with the neighbours son, this thing had programmed our mind very badly, Every time, we compare someone with us and then whether we placed that person as superior than us or alternatively inferior than us, Now if we want to break this programming the only way is questioning, self inquiry, otherwise life will always keep going into autopilot mode, now just see how dangerous is this autopilot mode. (habits to increase intelligence)

how to increase intelligence Example 

Suppose there are two friends, imagine it’s you and your best friend, both of you are engineers, both of you work in the same company and both of you get nearly the same amount of salary per month. Now suppose your best friend brought a new car, a Honda city and you have an alto 800, so whenever you see your Friend’s new car, you desire to have the same one. Now at first it remains as a wish but after a few days, watching it again and again it suddenly becomes your desire, a strong desire, the moment it happens, the mind starts its job, it jumps into figuring out ways to buy it as soon as possible. Although you don’t have the capacity to afford such one, still your desire is forcing you to have one, because the desire has already become very very strong. Now what you have done, you have just gone to the showroom and financed the car. Not only do all your savings get invested in it, but also a huge percentage from your salary gets invested into paying the monthly instalments. Now just imagine if anyhow your boss comes to know it, if your boss knows very well that now in any condition it is impossible for you to leave the job, because you have to pay a large amount of monthly instalments for your loving car and also you cannot sell it because you are so attached with it, just imagine what he can do with you. He will say everyday you have to work 2-3 hours overtime; you have to do this, and that and this also. Then, Will you have the courage to reject him? No! Because two fears will make you paralyzed,

  1. what if I get fired, and for the next couple of months what if I can’t get a job, how will my family survive? And 
  2. If I sell this car and get back into the same previous small car, what this society will think about me? “That I’m a loser! Oh no! I cannot let it be happen.

” From our childhood we are always supposed to be a winner, superior than our friends, relatives and neighbours.”Now how can I change? ” So then congrats, now you are totally trapped, no matter whether a cage is made of gold, a cage is a cage ! Your desire had trapped you through your boss. This will also harm your relationships, your health, your happiness, everything is connected. Now will you please tell me what the solution is?

How to make your brain smarter and faster

” Well, the one & only solution is questioning how to increase intelligence, at first when it was just a simple wish, that time you should ask yourself a simple question, “Do I really need it? Or I’m just willing to buy it because of some comparison and competition? Is that I’m going to become very very happy for life time after riding on this big sized car? Or is it going to trap me? Do I want to be caged? Or do I want freedom? That is, if I am not enjoying a job, it does not take more than 1 sec for me to kick that job and go for a new one.” The moment you start questioning, your intelligence comes to rescue you, it can help you to kill your evil desires. Now, not every type of desire is harmful, the desires for things, the desires for getting something are harmful, but desire for doing something, desire for becoming something is the best thing that can make you successful in every aspect of your life. (How To Increase Intelligence)

Conclusion how to increase intelligence

  • If you are a painter then desire for becoming a better painter,
  • if you are a husband then desire for becoming a better husband, these desires can make you free.
  • The simple thing is, you have to ask at least a few questions, what is science? Science is all about questioning. How To Increase Intelligence ?
  • There was a man sitting under a tree, an apple fell down onto his head, he immediately asked a question? Why does it fall downwards? Why not in upwards direction? That was the moment when the law of gravity was born.
  • So all you need is to ask questions on how to increase your intelligence. If you are a businessman, daily you have to ask hundreds of questions, what do my customers want from me? How can I improve my service? A person who has this habit of questioning, it is guaranteed today or tomorrow the person will definitely become successful in his field.

So, say goodbye to autopilot mode & hold your steering tightly! At last a little request to you, if you feel this “how to increase intelligence” article is worthy, then please share it with your friends and family. It’s easy!

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