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How To Break a Bad Habit

How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions : I learnt bike riding so I can easily commute from home to college and from college to home. I remember, when starting , I have to be very careful about everything while riding Like how to use the clutch. how much to brake and when to change gears all this while on the road and paying attention to the other car. But after travelling daily to college on bike I reached that point that I didn’t even need to pay attention choosing the right path. When I needed to move right and left This thing happened a lot times when I have half a way to college from home and sometimes when traffic is not there I would reach home and I don’t even remember how I reached home from college. because all the way my attention was on thinking about something important.

How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions
How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions

This was very wrong but this happened because riding a bike on the same road from college to home had become my strong habit. (How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions)

How to stop bad habits addictions understand Subconscious mind working 

When we start learning something new or doing something for the first time then our mind has to consciously think and put efforts as we keep repeating that work. Then our mind builds a pattern of that work and stores it. After that we do not need to think much or at all to do that work. Because that work is now done by our subconscious mind which is now our habit. Example walk the way and reach home without paying attention to the way. Directly go to the bathroom in the morning and start brushing. 

Our brains do this or you can say build habits. So that it matters to get free from this repeating work and can be used for other important work or for some new work. Habits save our brain’s energy. Because our brain does not need to give efforts on repeated work. These all are good things about habit But the bad thing is that our brain can not discriminate between bad and good habits. It just has to build habits and save effort and this thing creates problems for us. Because humans mostly do bad things over and over and not good things because of which we form bad habits. Only your habits can be a big reason between your success and failure. That’s why we have eliminated those bad habits and it’s very important to form new and good habits. So now if you want to eliminate your bad habits and form new good habits then you must first know how habits are formed. 

How are Habits formed in the Brain

All habits are formed in three steps. In which first step is WHY Not the one of Hindi. It is CUE. In future it may not create confusion so I’ll give a new name to cue that is Trigger Second step is routine and third step is reward. Trigger is something that encourages you to do good or bad things because of which you feel like doing that work. Example Many people start smoking cigarettes when encouraged by his/her friends, as friends impact a lot in our life. That’s why even after refusing just for time and thinking I will leave when I want to start smoking cigarettes, their friends ask them to join them. to smoke but sometimes they ask their friends to join them. Here their friend has become their tigger On seeing them it feels like to smoke Actually triggers can be of different type But all of them comes under either one of the 5 categories (How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions) :

  1. First, any specific place which trigger you to do good or bad 
  2. Second, any specific time 
  3. Third, any emotion like sad, happy or getting bore 
  4. Fourth, because of others like meeting a friend or after watching TV 
  5. Fifth, just after any action, like just after eating.

After getting trigger people move to the second step Routine. Routine can be small or big also Example after meeting a friend going to a shop and buying cigarettes from there and then lighting the cigarette at a particular place these all actions come in routine.

Now comes the last step Reward. Rewards is a main step from which habits are actually formed In this example,when they take 1sr puff of cigarette Nicotine inside the cigarette is their reward. which makes them feel good and relaxed like this, all good and bad habits are formed in these 3 phases only and more the cycle is completed and repeated again stronger the habit will be. Whether it is smoking cigarettes, eating more or any good or bad work. So now arises the main question: how to get rid of those habits. 

How to stop bad habits addictions Explain

It is very difficult to get rid of any habit as the pattern of most of the habits is deeply stored in aur mind. which is very strong that it is very difficult to get rid of them. That’s why you might have seen people when they start to get rid of they keep control on them for many days but after getting a strong trigger they start doing their old habit. That’s why Getting rid of old habits is not the best way, instead replacing those bad habits with good habits.

  • Example (How To Stop Bad Habits Addictions) – There was one man. who has a habit of eating Donuts daily because of eating high calories Donut his weight was increasing. Because of which he has become very unhealthy, so he decided to get rid of this habit. One of his friends recommended a book called Power of habit. After studying it he understood the principle of that book and try to apply it. Firstly,he got to know about the 3 steps of the habit cycle.
  • After observing, he observed that daily in between 3pm-3.30pm he starve for donut and this time was trigger of his habit after that it do not take a long to understand routine. Routine was simple He gets bore between this time span than he takes elevator and go to office canteen where he buys donuts and eat it while talking with his friends. In last rewards was so simple Taste and fun of eating donuts. After understanding this process he started following the second and final step of principle.
  • Next day between 3-3.30pm as soon as he felt like eating donut we went to canteen through elevator there instead by buying donut he bought some chocalates after that he ate it while talking to his colleague and went back to his work. Next day again he went to the canteen at the same time but didn’t purchase anything and came back after talking to his friends. He followed this new process for many days. While doing this he didn’t fight with his trigger but instead he replaced his routine and reward with some other routine and reward because of which he was able to get rid of his habit like this by following these 2 steps.

How to stop bad habits addictions Steps 

  • First step is to find out the whole 3 process cue (WHY), routine, reward what exactly are they and in 
  • Step 2: Replace your routine and reward from that cycle with some other routine and reward. This might be a bit difficult but this is the simplest and best way to change any habit.

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