Inspirational Life Lessons – Short Quotes On Life Lessons

Inspirational Life Lessons : Whatever I have learned from Books and from my life I am sharing them in this article so that you can easily remember in a short time. hard life lessons to learn. So let’s start. (life lessons quotes)

Inspirational Life Lessons

Inspirational Life Lessons One

  • Success is just a shadow of love Where there is success, there is love. Where there is no love, there is no success either. 
  • You will not find a single person who is very successful, but does not love his work. Pick anyone up and see – whether it is a cricketer, singer, or a businessman, you will see a lot of love for their work in everyone of them, that is why they have got so much success in life. But the mistake we used to make is – we do not run after love but we run after greed, name, fame or money. 
  • Due to which we are infected with negative emotions like greed and anxiety. And when we do any work with those negative emotions, that work never reaches millions of hearts. As a result, we do not become successful. We all have to understand this thing very well that this name, fame and money are all temporary. 
  • The difference between famous and infamous is only 1 minute. These are all external things. We have to stop chasing after these temporary things and focus on the permanent things inside us – like love. 
  • If your love for any work is pure, there is no greed in it; then it is permanent. And if you truly love your work, then you will see the shadow of success running after you. You don’t have to run after it. Aasan Lesson

Inspirational Life Lessons Two

  • If you can put all the power, all the effort of your mind into a single task, can anyone stop you from being successful in that task? But unfortunately we are not able to do that. Why? Because there are always thousands of things going on in our mind. 
  • Now some of these are useful and some are not. So what is the right way to reduce the flow of thoughts, so that only the right things can enter into our mind? 
  • The key to do this is Whenever you hear something, before it enters into your head, you have to try this filtering test on it. 

Inspirational Life Lessons filter Test

  1. The first filter  – is this true? True means completely true. If it seems doubtful then it is not true. Because the truth is the truth, there is no place for doubt in it. 
  2. The second filter – is this good? Good means whether positive emotions are getting generated or negative emotions are getting generated from it. 
  3. The third filter – is it useful? Meaning, will I get benefitted by thinking about this in any way? Or, will it only be harmful and useless? 

If it passes any one of these three filters, then you should allow it to enter into your head. But, if it can not pass any of these filter tests, then you should stop wasting your mental energy on it immediately. Why focus on such a useless thing which is neither true, nor good, and useless. 

Inspirational Life Lessons Three

  • You can never change others Unless someone tries to change himself, you cannot change them. 
  • You can only change yourself. You have control over your actions only, you cannot control the actions of others. So in such a situation, if you do not like someone’s action behaviour or words, then without trying to change that person, you should try to change your own reactions. 
  • Now, how to do that? Just put your expectations aside. Let’s say you have never done any wrong deed in your life but don’t expect the same from others. Others can do anything as they wish. You can’t help it as you have nothing to do here. 

So what can you do? You can change your own reactions towards that thing. 

For example – you have a friend who calls you by different ugly names. Now you cannot change him, but if you want, you can definitely change your reactions. If you are able to do that, then the whole situation will be changed for you. It’s easy ! (life lessons quotes)

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