Power Of Silence After Break Up – How to get over Breakup

Power Of Silence After Break Up

Hi guys ,welcome to my blog today. We are going to discuss Power Of Silence After Break Up & how to deal with a breakup. how to deal with those bad emotions, thoughts or feelings after a breakup. Now let’s talk technically breakup means simply breaking up commitments given to each other which is totally natural.

Power Of Silence After Break Up
Power Of Silence After Break Up

power of silence after break up with Example

Let’s take an example – you commit yourself that from the next day onwards you are going to wake up at 6 a.m. and you will continue this habit for the rest of your life. One day passed and two days passed from the third day onwards you stop doing that and again start waking up at 9 a.m. as usual. so if you can’t keep your commitments given to you by yourself then how can you expect that someone else will keep these all commitments. given to you for the lifetime this is totally unrealistic thinking because no one in life is taken for granted now let’s talk more technically. (sudden break up long-term relationship)

what to do immediately after a breakup

just notice it after they breakup which part of your body is getting sad ? your mind right okay. Now answer me, what do you think? How many minds do you have? one. no you have multiple minds think of two different situations when a man talk with his daughter and when he talked with his wife in these two situations is his behaviours thoughts attitude remain the same or those get changed obviously they get changed.depending upon the person a man’s thoughts as a father are completely different from thoughts as a Husband. 

Power of silence after break up

So we have multiple minds and we are transmigrating from one to another depending upon the relationship.If we calm your mind As soon as the man sees his wife his husband might get activated and as long as he is with his wife it remains activated. But as soon as he goes and starts playing with his daughter his father might get activated. The same is the case in the boyfriend’s mind as long as there is the existence of your girlfriend. in your life it is remaining activity after breakup there exists no girlfriend in your life as a result no boyfriend mind the boyfriend mind becomes dead in fact then a new mind bonds which is of an ex-boyfriend the thoughts emotions of this new ex-boyfriend mind are used two totally different from the boyfriend mind.(things not to do after a breakup)

How to deal with a breakup for guys with your mind power

So it is you who is creating all those different kinds of minds. If you have the power to recreate it again then what is the logic behind crying for the one which is already there? If you want it badly then simply recreate it or if you don’t want then don’t do it. If you have the power, you have the choice. You notice that my family condition is not supporting me to create the boyfriend mind again and also I need some money in my pocket for this which I don’t have at this time so let’s see which are the other minds that are still alive in me okay. a student’s mind is alive okay. So from now on, let me activate the students. It is the time for me to study so I will study if you observe deeply all these sub-minds of student boyfriends are temporary but the creator of them is you. you are permanent.

Conclusion Power Of Silence After Break Up

With power of silence after break up If you can accept these two logics from the deep of your heart you will be able to get yourself out from all the mental troubles. that you are having after break-up okay. thanks for reading this.if it helps you please let me know by posting comments. I will be very glad to know that I have helped someone to find a solution. Thank you.

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