Powerful Mind Control Techniques “how to control your mind” from unwanted thoughts

powerful mind control techniques : As humans we are guided by our mind. A mind that constantly seeks pleasure and avoids pain. It only thinks about now and what is immediate. By labeling things in a certain way, the mind separates pleasure and pain from the worldly point of view. He is short-sighted and blind to consequences. For the mind, there is no right or wrong. Instincts are what drive the mind. We are so conditioned in our minds that we are used to seeing things in a certain way; Do things the way we’ve always done them.However, when we learn to control our mind and master our thoughts, we gain the power and freedom to profoundly change our lives.

Powerful Mind Control Techniques
Powerful Mind Control Techniques


We know we shouldn’t be afraid but we still are. In everyday life we see how lazy we are. For example, waking up early, eating healthy are some of the good habits we all know. Despite knowing this, we could not implement these ideas. But when it comes to giving advice to others, we go ahead and tell people to be fearless and take life as it comes. We lecture others to be indifferent to the situation and focus on work, good deeds and what not. But when we find ourselves in such a situation, even though we are momentarily aware of the right course of action, something else comes our way and again distracts us. Lets understand in briefly Powerful Mind Control Techniques.


why am i so easily distracted and forgetful

Towards happiness, towards anything and everything that gives us pleasurable experiences. We try to avoid anything that causes us pain. So, the point is how to convince the mind to do the really right thing, but without ensuring any such happiness. How can this mind be managed if possible? There is only one way to do that and that is to use your intellect. The deeper we understand a particular problem on an intellectual level, the sooner we understand what that problem is. And it’s not like we don’t understand the issue and its implications right now. But having said that our understanding or knowledge of that subject is not deep enough. In other words, it is superficial. But if you really think and dig deep, you will let it go and let it go..

Life is like a flowing river. And what are we trying to do? We are trying to draw a line on a free flowing river. Is this possible? No, of course not. We all know this. So, what to do?

Powerful mind control techniques example 

For example : Consider waves in a river. Now what is the reason behind their creation? As I said, we have to dig deep and understand this phenomenon at the intellectual level. There are rocks lying in the river bed. And these same rocks, when placed in a certain position, accelerate the flow of water. In other places, where the rock formations are different, the water is relatively calm. This means that these rocks are creating waves in the water. 

Rivers of your mind – you listen to me and then immediately forget everything I said. It will not make any difference in your life. But in order to make some changes in life, you need to change the composition of the rocks in the river bed of your life. And that requires some serious effort. So when you start putting these changes into practice, your entire personality begins to transform. And one day, you are able to drop all the rocks in the riverbed of your life. So eliminate the root cause of all your restlessness. This is the moment when your life becomes a pure flowing river. However, if you don’t bring one thing into practice, all these sessions are like lines drawn on water. Removed and erased. And this will continue. no use

Right now, because of our old habit patterns, we have no control over our lives. Our habits make us what we want. These habits are not recent. They are formed in a continuous process of many years. How can you expect them to evaporate after just one session? For that, the first step is to tell your mind: Look, this is the right thing to do, and this option is not right for me, so I should avoid it. After this first step, you need to incorporate the right things into your daily life. This will gradually develop your intellect, making it stronger. Now, how does this happen? See, if you think well, your intellect becomes stronger. Various useless conversations do rounds everywhere. And it is because of these very baseless conversations that the mind gets more frivolous thoughts day by day. These thoughts weaken our intellect. And in turn our mind becomes powerful.

This is the mind that makes us drink alcohol, play loud music, dance like crazy and then drive at 200 km/h. Isn’t that what people usually do? Why do you think they do this? Just because their mind controls them. Rather, what would their wisdom have advised if they had kept the same situation under control? Go ahead and drink, maybe even dance in a nightclub, but driving after drinking is not allowed.

Whose job is it to talk sense? Is it your mind or intellect? Wisdom of course. However, most of the time we ignore this Intellect. So we just need to strengthen it. But how? (Powerful Mind Control Techniques)

How can I improve my intellect?

The first and most important step is to cultivate the right thoughts. And I think, they are somewhere only within us. But the problem arises when the mind feeds our instinctive tendency to gravitate toward instant pleasures that are highly pleasurable. And this is where we stop paying attention to the intellect. isn’t it The basic nature of our mind is to run after happiness. Who wouldn’t like it if everything in his life turned out the way one thinks it would? On the other hand, what I’m trying to do is an off-beat thing. Now let’s say you accept some of what I say and maybe reject the rest. Some of what I am saying will make sense to you, if you start applying it to your life. This initial shock starts the process of transformation within you. You will notice changes in yourself. The joy you feel from these gradual improvements in yourself will be a million times greater than the joy you get from petty pleasures. It is a process where you accept that you have shortcomings, you accept them and gradually you overcome them. What do you think would make you happier? Overcoming our weaknesses or becoming puppets of the mind, as we have always done?

But having said that, what is the current situation? It all starts with these little bad habits that give you these little pleasures. Then comes a stage when the mind gets tired of them and attracts you to bad habits to get more momentary pleasure. And these habits get worse over time. This usually happens in our life. However, there is no denying that it is necessary to move towards happiness, but by doing the right things. There is a certain joy in being right. For example, being truthful should bring you happiness. Let’s say thousands of people are lying about something, you go out there and tell the truth. Imagine, how much fun!

The power of silence in an argument With Example

where intellect comes in. It is important to understand whether taking a role is necessary. For example, you know that some politicians are crooks. And suppose, he is addressing a rally surrounded by his supporters. Now if you go there calling him a scoundrel, they will take the life out of you. The point is not to be a hero. The point is to take a stand where needed. Otherwise shut up. Silence is also taking its toll. isn’t it Let’s say ten people are gossiping and gossiping about people at a wedding. This is usually what happens in such get-togethers. Now you decide whether to keep silent no matter how much my mind torments me. Doesn’t this take its own role?

What is thought ?

See, what is the original nature of the mind? The mind has no interest in people or things. The mind instead feeds on experiences. As far as the mind is concerned, it considers both your mother and girlfriend as another body. The mind is not rational. The mind does not care to distinguish between the two. It is the intellect that makes the difference between your mother and your girlfriend. Everything changes at the level of intelligence. The entire chain of reactions is reversed. If you touch or see your mother, the feeling you get is different. If you touch, hear or see your girlfriend, it’s a completely different feeling. Why is this happening? Why is the feeling completely different when you touch your mother? This is because the culture, especially in India or the East, is deeply rooted. Here mother is considered synonymous with God. It is already something that is fed to the intellect. And if something feeds the intellect deeply, the mind does not dare to go against it. For example, after you get married, and you realize that from now on, you are committed to your wife. She and she alone, no one else. This is called clarity given by the intellect. Now what happens when you see someone else? It does not provoke any reaction in you. So the mind becomes neutral. Such is the power of wisdom.(Powerful Mind Control Techniques)

And he who decides by the force of his mind is deceived. Suppose, you have a good relationship with your wife, but still your mind is drifting towards another woman. Now how to control the mind? How do you get out of this trap? Your intuition tells you that your good relationship with your wife will end. And all this for what? Just for momentary pleasure. Your whole life is ruined. And who did all this? Someone? Was it because of that woman? Think about it. They become you. your mind Therefore, it should be absolutely clear. What is right and what is wrong should be clear. You should understand this concept completely. And it won’t happen in a day.

When we make an effort How to control Mind, do you think it will be useful ?

It is important to understand what exactly is meant by the word ‘effort’. Effort is not about stopping the mind from running in a direction. Because the more you stop, the faster it will run in the same direction. This is the basic nature of the mind. And you can see it for yourself. Let’s say you’re a young man and you’re attracted to a woman. Now, try to control it. “No no, I must control my mind; I should be stopped from going there.” The more you stop your mind, the more it goes to her and most likely you will fall in love with that girl!

This is called a false attempt. Efforts should be in the form of wisdom, intelligence. The mind is running towards someone, bring the intellect into the picture. Bring your understanding, sensitivity. Take it to the logical level of conclusion. Why make your life so complicated? Why chase after temporary, short-lived pleasures? It’s that simple.

Suppose I decide to have fruit for dinner. My intellect has explained to my mind that this practice is healthy for me. So I could do it every day, but only for a few days. On the fifth day, it’s like my mind overpowers my intellect and tells me it’s time to take a break. So, once again I’m back to normal and eating whatever I want. How to control your mind in this case?

This is a very good point. I myself have experienced all these situations in my life. So I can relate to what you are saying. Do not try to completely oppose the mind until your intellect is powerful enough. Always start with small changes at first.

From childhood we are used to eating certain types of food. Suppose you try to change these habits and go on a diet at the same time. What do you think will happen? Your mind will be disturbed. There will be all sorts of reactions in your body. You will suffer from headache. You will feel fear and so on. Eventually, you’ll give up and eat anything and everything. isn’t it

So what is the way out of this? Use your common sense and tell yourself, “Just because I choose to eat fruit at night, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for me.” Now here, I am talking about facts. According to me it is not good to eat fruits at night. The best time to eat fruits is in the morning as metabolism is lowest. So the consumption of sugar is good.

Now which side of me knows all these facts? Mind or intellect? Wisdom of course. If we talk about diet, the golden rule is: never make big changes in your diet. This is not good for your body and mind. Instead, what you can do is start eating the same diet in a different way. Let’s say the oil you consume is high in saturated fats. Perhaps you can replace that oil with an oil that has higher levels of PUFA and MUFA. PUFA stands for Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. MUFA stands for Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids. When you start using healthy oil, it will reduce your body fat. Often, we mistake fat with weight. However, losing weight is not always good for you. Weight loss can occur for two reasons. Losing muscle mass will help you lose weight faster. But losing muscle is not good. On the other hand, fat loss is good for the body. But fat loss is largely not reflected in weight gain. Say, if you lose some muscle mass, you’ll see a 3 kg drop in body weight instantly. But losing the same amount of fat only results in a 1 kg weight loss. So what are you trying to get out of the body? Muscle or fat?

You have to lose fat and gain muscle mass. You don’t know the exact reason behind this weight loss. Fruits are very low in protein so what happens? Fat increases and muscle decreases. You look at your weight in the morning and are happy that you have lost weight. It does not help with weight loss. And you will know it only with intelligence. Your wisdom will lead to minor changes in your lifestyle, your body and your diet. Changes that your mind won’t even notice. In other words, the mind will be deceived by the intellect.(Powerful Mind Control Techniques)

Gap between what we think and what actually is correct brain

Expand your understanding. There are some points that matter whether you have a deep understanding or not. Suppose there are two political parties. Some think one politician is right and some think another politician is right. This will be a never-ending debate. But what is the point? If you ask these people what they think about their own bodies, wow! The great zero is called mind drifting. They are using their intellect in things that are useless and thus a waste of time. Discussing all these topics is a complete waste of your intelligence. This is how we deplete our energy. Mind will be controlled if intellect is spent on right things. Instead, you don’t have to try to control it. Do everything in a balanced way. That is the solution. To go to extremes is to destroy us.

How should we train our Intellect ? Make Intellect strong?

What is food for the mind? Experience. If you feed the mind all the experiences you find pleasurable, the mind will enjoy them more and more. The mind constantly demands such experiences. It’s addictive in a way. For example, if you take a peg of alcohol today, will you feel satisfied?

With that? Yes, but only for that instance. Next time he will ask for half a drink. And then two, three and so on. The more you drink, the higher the demand. It is the structure of the workings of the mind. It doesn’t matter whether the thing is right or wrong. The mind only seeks happiness, regardless of whether it is right or not.

Strengthen the intellect. Look at the reality. Whatever activity you are engaged in, be fully aware of it. People are crowding outside, wandering everywhere. why Because their mind drives them. This world is a big market. A place to make money, marketers won’t even think twice before selling you poison in the name of happiness. And your mind will run to it without thinking about the consequences. As long as it likes the taste and feel of it, the mind will literally continue to eat even garbage.

So, Buddhi is the only savior. And how to sharpen it? Proper knowledge, thorough knowledge. Knowing the difference between right and wrong. Thus, when we hear, read, understand and think about the right things and if we apply them in our daily life: what do you think will happen? Will it strengthen the mind or sharpen the intellect?

The more powerful your intellect, the more control you have over your mind and your life.

To decode it further, there are three weaknesses of the mind. And if you can conquer these three one by one, then you are the master and the mind is nothing but your slave.

The first weakness is when something good happens to you. Be something that you have wanted for a long time. Let’s say you are planning what to do at your best friend’s wedding. what will you wear how do you dance And then that day comes. What happens in such a situation? One loses control and gets carried away. The mind takes over and things go awry. Like a domino of mistakes one after the other. You must have noticed how some people go crazy with happiness. People start speaking rudely and later regret their behavior. Thus, the first weakness of the mind is becoming overexcited. Although, excitement is perfectly fine, but not overexcitement. Be calm and balanced. This is the first art we have to learn.

Second. Imagine how you feel when something adverse happens to you. What happens to our peace at that time? He starts to waver. We were crazy. You start getting irritated. Suppose your wife or girlfriend or your parents say something to you that irritates you. Or maybe they’re doing something you don’t like. One way is to get angry and lose your cool. But there is another way to approach it. Now you are calmly looking at the situation without reacting in any way. You decide after a while how you want to react. That too only if it is necessary for you to react. Note the difference between the two situations. In one case you get really angry and express it. In the second case you are not angry but acting as if you are. This means that you may realize that anger is building up in you. You are in control. You can see that feeling of anger coming and going. So if you are in control, you will not label your feelings or sensations as good or bad. Because you will be in complete control. It is your choice, whether you want to let these feelings of anger control you or not.(Powerful Mind Control Techniques)

Human Mind Power. what is the creative mind ?



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