The Sound Of Silence Meaning : when did the sound of silence come out

The Sound Of Silence Meaning disturbed sound of silence

The Sound Of Silence Meaning : What is all this stress about? We don’t stress about two square meals a day. The excess desires that we have cultivated over the years contribute to this tension. This stuff is your position, reputation, fame and what not. If we keep our life simple, there will be no stress.Sit quietly, in a neutral state, and feel the peace within you. Then you will know what it means to be completely satisfied with yourself. This is the highest level of existence. All other things are tools that help you get to this state. Unless you think deeply about life, you Can’t really reach here. 

The Sound Of Silence Meaning
The Sound Of Silence Meaning

If you sit quietly, I can assure you that you will be bored within five minutes at the most. You always need something to do. And why is that? Ever thought of that? Either you are looking for something because you think it will give you a pleasurable experience or you are afraid that you will experience a painful experience if you are faced with such a situation. Can you think of anything other than these two things? Both of these things are temporary. They come and go. What is sustainable? These two states only last for a few seconds out of the 24 hours of the day, but what occupies your time for the rest of the day? neutral state. What is this neutral state? Have you experienced the sound of silence? What is The Sound Of Silence Meaning.

What Is The Sound Of Silence Meaning ?

  • Now observe it closely and you will know what I mean. When there are no pleasant or painful experiences, what is there? One is your consciousness, or yours. Another is Sound of Silence.So are you alone or not? Think carefully. Who is with you? It’s the Sound of Silence.
  • It is the voice of peace. Now What Is The Sound Of Silence Meaning? We must make this absolutely clear.
  • So, observe yourself carefully, do not believe anything out of superstition. Understand what is temporary and what is permanent. What does it mean when we are temporarily or permanently attached to something? If I am forever attached, what am I actually attached to? And if it is not permanent, why attach to something temporary? We get caught up in temporary things and cry over stupid things.
  • If you ask me what Sound of Silence means to me? In short, what I would say is, it’s just a voice for you. You have not put your mind to His understanding. what is this Think of it as a radio set that plays sound but no strings. But if there is no string, where is this sound coming from? Have you thought about it? No, you haven’t. why Because you are busy. In trifles. My family, my home, my job and things like that. To truly understand the sound of silence, we must first rise above this petty ambition. An empty stomach cannot think of all these things. Now let’s say with smart work and focus, you have set up a comfortable life. You have reached a certain level. What will happen next? You will still be unhappy. No matter how high you go, you will always be sad. Don’t take this as a curse for you, it’s a reality ! (The Sound Of Silence Meaning)

Is The Sound Of Silence about depression

There will come a day when you will know what this Sound of Silence really is. the sound of silence meaning No wires or anything but I can still hear it, not just me but everyone! I can hear it without any effort on my part. Even a five-year-old can hear it. He will say he can. Where is this sound coming from? What is this sound? How is this sound produced? Why doesn’t this sound go away? Every voice in the world is dying. to live and die. But not this. why not Perhaps, it is our lifeline. So if one day you understand this deeply, it will be as important to you as it is to me now. How important is it to me? If someone tells me that he will take away Sound of Silence from us and give us hundred crores in return. what do you say Most likely, you would happily part with it for a few thousand rupees, let alone a hundred crores. This is your condition. Suppose I offer to take the voice of silence away from you and ask you what you want in return. Let’s make a deal. You are ready to make a deal with me. You will ask something or other. And exactly what that thing is will depend on your situation. Suppose someone has been married for a long time but cannot have a child. What will they say to me? They will say: We only want one child, remove the voice of peace from me and pray for a child only for me. isn’t it Someone will seek a suitable life partner. Someone may ask for a degree, say a doctor’s degree. But whatever the story, you’ll take it in exchange for the sound

peace and me? What would I say if you made me this offer? If you say to me: Sandeep, take money, name, fame, relationship, your body or whatever you want, will you now utter a voice of peace? My answer, no. No. I won’t give it up. So what’s the problem when you fall in love that lasts forever? Is there a problem?

Who are you in love with now? goods? People? Any experience? Which? Are any of these things going to stay the same? No not at all. On the other hand, is the sound of Silence going to change? Of course not. So, who am I in love with? That, which cannot be changed by the greatest forces in the universe. Something that cannot be taken away from me. And who are you in love with? That, which cannot be saved by the most powerful forces. The moment you realize this, you will be freed from all kinds of suffering. If you really understand what I am saying, even if you are poor in the eyes of the world, you are a king. And if you do not understand this simple truth, you are no more than a beggar, even though you are the emperor of the world. (The Sound Of Silence Meaning)

The Sound Of Silence Meaning With Example

If we think of the Sound of Silence, I myself am the Sound of Silence. So, is this voice of silence God or is it me, or are these the same?

You are playing the role of a police officer, but you are definitely not in real life. You are an actor. So are these two different people or the same person? They are the same. There is only one person. So, what makes you think they are two?

One is acting and the other is real. One is acting and the other is not. A policeman comes on stage during the act and then leaves. Now whether this policeman has been hit by bullets, is he happy, is he married, is he having children, all this is happening to the policeman. How does all this affect the actor? How can one live his life if he does not understand the difference? The emotional ups and downs of the policeman will now be the actor himself. How will one live his life who thinks that it is only a role or an act? A policeman may live or die, he may make or lose money; What difference does it make to an actor? Who could do justice to the role more effectively? The man who realizes that it’s just a role or who doesn’t? Think about it.

He who knows that he is an actor can change his acting. He can control his role. He can shape himself into this role, because he knows he is an actor. That can change quickly. He will be flexible to change roles. He can get out of the police uniform and then put on a scavenger’s outfit. He is now in the role of a sweeper. Will the world laugh at him and see the policeman demoted to a scavenger? However, anyone who knows he is an actor, will say go to hell. What difference does it make whether he is called a policeman, a sweeper, a beggar or a king? He knows that all this he is just acting. Aren’t they? Now, what if the guy doesn’t know he’s an actor? What if he really thought he was a cop? Now if you take off his police uniform and replace it with a scavenger’s rag, what do you think will happen? He cries and shouts that he is in pain, what tragedy has befallen him and all that. However, this is the only simple truth that we need to understand. You are an actor playing different roles. It will give you the wisdom to look at your problems objectively, detaching yourself from every role you play. (The Sound Of Silence Meaning)

Who Is God ?

We think we are the wave but we are the water. And the water is the sound of peace, always flowing, always the same. The waves stay and stay but the water. Similarly The Sound Of Silence Meaning facility. So, if the sound of silence is God and we are making the sound of silence, So can we give ourselves?

The trouble is, you, yourself are God. You have infinite powers. But you’ve assumed that God is other than you and you are someone else.

The Sound Of Silence Meaning
The Sound Of Silence Meaning

Of course! This is an excellent question. If you have the courage to listen to the answer, go ahead. If you were not God, there would be no problem. Imagine, if someone else were God, when would he/she let you get into trouble? Even if you are wicked, how can God see you suffer? If there was any other god, he would have solved all your problems in an instant. isn’t it

The problem is that you, you are God. You have infinite powers. But you have assumed that God is other than you and that you are someone else.

It is only a matter of perception. And what will happen until you know it? God with unlimited power will continue to work through this body. Thus, all the functions performed by this body will be limited. So, humanity’s biggest problem is not that we are somehow low and insignificant. The problem is that you are limitless. You are not separate from God. Had that been the case, there would have been no problem! Understand this well. If I am truly God, I cannot bear to see you in trouble even for a moment. I will cry out in pain when you are in pain. If I had all the power in the world, I would solve all your problems. (The Sound Of Silence Meaning)

why go to temple when god is everywhere ?

Let there be people. If you can realize that you yourself are God, it is not difficult for others to imagine the same God in an idol. Forget why people go to temples because that is a different topic. People, most of them, go there to fulfill their own desires. It is not because of their belief in God. Because if it’s about faith, you don’t need to pray from a specific place. It could be a temple, a mosque or even a garbage dump. All that matters is prayer. And you can surrender yourself. This is called Bhakti. That’s it. So if the problem is to be eradicated

So what do you need to do? Sharpen your intellect. How will it be? Live in this world and act wisely. There will come a day when: despite all your wisdom and hard work, despite earning lots of money, despite strengthening your relationships and achieving everything, there will be a huge void in your life. Then you will be sad. That is the day, when you need to use all your wisdom and ask yourself, ‘Despite having achieved everything, I am still unhappy. what is wrong Who am I ?’

And the day you ask yourself that question, the game begins The Sound Of Silence Meaning

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