What is Attraction : Difference between Love and Attraction

What is Attraction : attraction is someone or something who or which you are ready to lift whenever it will start giving you bad feelings or pain. 

What is Attraction
What is Attraction

For example, your crush, as long as you are getting good feelings from heart you are with heart but the moment some problems arise between you and heart you left her this is attraction.

What is Attraction Example

Another one example would be your temporary hobbies. As long as people are appreciating your work means you are feeling good you keep on doing that but the moment some people start to criticise your work you stop doing that. This is also our attraction. The next question is what is love love is someone or something whom or which you are never ready to lose or live in any condition or any circumstances whether it gives you pain or pleasure it doesn’t matter love is a feeling of bliss which is totally unconditional of the outcome.

Psychology of attraction and love 

  • For example, your mother never wants to lose the child in any condition. Though she scolded you or beat you, you can be angry at her for sometime but the moment the anger goes away you go back to her for love.
  • another example What is Attraction? could be your passion suppose your passion is to play guitar you are not playing it to impress your crush not to become a famous guy you are playing it because you love that you know it it may happen you are very bad at it and people used to make fun about this but you still keep on doing that team because of the love of your doing it this is called love now.

How to identify psychology of attraction and love

Just ask yourself a question what is attraction ? am I ready to stay with it for a lifetime irrespective of the pain, pleasure or any kind of outcome. if the answer comes out from your heart is yes. then it is love and if no then it is attraction or even if there is any doubt between yes or no then also it is our traction. this is the most important point please remember now. 

Psychology of attraction

What is Attraction & love Just remind yourself again and again about the final outcome of getting attracted that is permanent pain. By doing this you will gradually generate a feeling of fear or loss inside you that will kill the force of the attraction. This way you can stop yourself from getting attracted. At last always remember attraction gives you temporary pleasure but permanent pain whereas love gives you temporary pain but permanent pleasure or something beyond pleasure. Thanks for reading this article. If you liked this article please share this with your friends. Thank you.

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