What is sense of humour ? How to improve sense of humour examples

What Is Sense of Humour ?

It has been found by surveying different dating websites, first dating the thing that matters most after look, is sense of humour. With whom you would like to spend some time, a guy who has a great sense of humour or a guy who doesn’t like fun at all. Suppose you had a small talk with your boss, and then he said to you, “O really you have a great sense of humour. 

What is sense of humour
What is sense of humour

It feels really good to talk with you”. Then, would you get your promotion sooner or later? Any human, doing anything in this world, is doing to get some happiness. Now if you can make someone happy by just saying some words then obviously people will like you. So let’s see some sense of humour examples Smart idea,

How can we improve our sense of humour ? 

What is sense of humour Smart idea 1: 

Laugh at yourself More often what happens, in a group everyone targets one guy and laughs at that guy, and that one guy feels bad. Which is not a good quality of sense of humour. It is called humour, only when

  1. It is surprising and 
  2. It doesn’t hurt anybody. 
  • sense of humour examples , suppose you say to one of your white friends, “Hey black guy, why don’t you try fair & lovely sometimes”, then it will be in the humour category. Because it is surprising as well as it will not hurt him. Because he knows that he is a white guy. But if you say the same thing to a black guy who regrets not being white enough, then it will be no more in the humour category. Because that can hurt that person. 
  • So the best option is, if you can laugh at yourself. You can laugh at yourself as much as you want, no one is going to get hurt by that. This is why most stand up comedians use this technique. They make themselves butt of their own jokes. For example, “One day it happened to me” or “The last night I had a dream”. Means they make jokes about themselves and along with people they also laugh at themselves. This quality is the most important quality to have, to develop a good sense of humour.

What is sense of humour Smart idea 2 : 

  • Be around funny people. Our mind is just like a prism. Whichever colour falls upon it, it starts to become coloured in that colour. This is why after watching a comedy video or a comedy movie we start to act like a comedian for some time. Or after watching an action movie, we start to portrait ourselves in our mind as the hero of that movie while walking out of the movie hall. You may have already noticed, when we are with someone who loves to joke around, we also start to joke around a little bit with him. And when we are with someone who is a pretty serious guy, we also tend to become a little bit more serious. So if you want to improve your sense of humour then the first thing you have to do is to avoid those extra serious people. And you have to spend more time with those people who really have a great sense of humour. 

After that you will have to do nothing, your sense of humour will automatically increase. Because we are all average of our closest 5 persons, with whom we spend most of the time daily. 

What is sense of humour Smart idea 3: 

  • Be happy to make someone happy If you are not happy, then you can never make someone else happy. Because when you are sad, then neither you will feel smiling, nor you will make someone else smile. In this situation whatever will happen around you, either you will feel irritated or you will see the sadness in that. For instance, a few days ago I asked one of my friends, “So tell me bro, what is the current biggest problem in your life?” He replied to me very seriously, “See, I have only one problem in my life. When I joke around people take it seriously and when I seriously say something people take it as a joke”, as soon as he told it to me I started to laugh. Then he said to me, “See, you are also taking my serious problem as a joke”, so what happened, I was sitting there in a totally chill mode. So, as soon as he told me that, I saw the irony in his words. But my friend was truly worrying about that, so he didn’t see the funny side of it. 
  • So your sense of humour depends a lot on your mood. If you are always in a chill mode, then you will find out something funny in every situation. You don’t have to look for it, it will show up in front of you. You just need to do one thing, and that is stop taking life so seriously. Because in life more than 99% of things are out of your control. You are living in this moment, the next moment you can die. And you can never control it, no matter how hard you try. So it will be better for you, if you take it as a game and don’t be so serious about it. Just focus on playing it. 

What is sense of humour sum up

Now if I sum up the whole article, to develop a good sense of humour the 3 things that you need to do are 

  1. Learn to laugh at yourself, 
  2. Be around with happy and funny people, and 
  3. Take life as a game and learn to enjoy it without getting so serious about it. 

And one more thing you should always remember, that it is not how well you make a joke, but it is how well you take a joke, that decides how good your sense of humour is. At last a little request to you. If you find this article “What is sense of humour” useful, then please share it with your friends. Because by sharing you can also help to change someone’s life. Thank You.

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